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Lower Sixth Arts Festival 2016

The 2016 Lower Sixth Arts Festival proved to be successful as ever with some workshops returning due to their popularity and other new ventures being explored.

Frank Wilson returned to work with pupils to produce another inspiring dance piece. This year he also mentored Gold Arts pupil Chloe Webster to choreograph the performance. Same Sky also returned, this time employing a theme of 'Heroes and Villains' to produce amazing carnival structures from willow and paper.

New for 2016 was African dance and drumming workshops with pupils learning both disciplines over three days. Also new was a team of 'roving reporters' documenting the entire festival with photographer Mark Dimmock. Photographic images and press releases were posted in the Birley Centre for all pupils to see on the final day as performances were shown.

Alongside the Arts Festival, two theatre productions were also developed. Gold Arts pupil George Tomsett rehearsed his own play and performed an extract at the Arts Festival while the Dell play, a long standing tradition at Eastbourne College, was used to help Gold Arts pupils to achieve their awards. In 2016 Katya Rogers designed and made the set for the production 'Shakespeare's Country'.

As the Arts Festival goes from strength to strength further opportunities will arise to enable pupils to achieve elements of the Gold Arts awards. Additionally the festival is designed to enhance every pupils experience of the creative arts regardless of whether of the subjects they study at A-level.

Lower Sixth Arts Festival 2015

The 2015 Lower Sixth Arts Festival was once again a great success. Pupils had the opportunity to choose their activities and everyone threw themselves wholeheartedly into the very positive spirit of the event.

Pupils chose to make their own show from scratch with the help of the director, composer and puppet maker from the award winning Beowulf company. Others worked with the international contemporary dance company Rambert to produce a performance piece or with Frank Wilson, an inspirational street dance artist to produce a new piece of fast, furious, dynamic dance performance. This year’s music choice was to compose a new piece of contemporary work using a wide range of percussive instruments and techniques leading to a final performance. Finally there was an opportunity to work with the fabulous, Same Sky Arts Company to produce vast carnival structures from willow and paper which were displayed around the College on Speech Day.

Lower Sixth Arts Festival 2014

The 2014 Lower Sixth Arts Festival was once again a very exciting event this year with a programme of three-day workshops encompassing musical theatre, drumming and samba, the creation of a large-scale art installation outside the swimming pool, and jewellery and printmaking workshops. A group of students also worked with a black belt instructor to produce a kickboxing demonstration for the final showcase. It certainly lived up to expectations and everyone agreed it was a huge success.

Lower Sixth Arts Festival 2013

There was a programme of exciting workshops over three days culminating in a showcase of the work produced in the Birley Centre auditorium.

Some top creative companies were engaged to run the  workshops. Rambert Dance Company worked with members of the rugby team and their coaches to produce a short performance piece based on the acclaimed high energy dance piece SUB, ‘a battlefield of relentlessly sparring testosterone’. The rugby players performed to a packed Birley Centre on Speech Day. It was exciting stuff!

There was a drama workshop with Box Clever, one of our leading young people's theatre companies. They worked over the three days to produce a short play focused on themes of successful leadership and ‘taking it on’. The work was original and exciting. Another group of students worked enthusiastically for three days with artist Jan Turner, designing, making and installing a large-scale art installation for the wall opposite the Birley Centre entrance. There was the opportunity to make and perform a new piece of music with musician/composers, Skilbeck & Salway. The use of rhythm, percussion and the performance of a new composition was the aim and all musical abilities participated and performed.Smokescreen Visuals worked with twelve students to make a short film. Pupil, Leo Lightfoot and his team documented the process of the Festival, captured the work as it happened and produced an excellent film encapsulating the spirit of the Festival.

Katie Forster and Anna Simpson were the official Festival photographers and there was an exhibition of their vibrant images throughout September and early October in the Birley Centre.         

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