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The John Nugee Lunch

Eastbourne College is delighted to host a lunch to celebrate the life and headmastership of John Nugee, Headmaster 1938–56, at 12 noon on Sunday 26 May 2013, in the College Dining Hall.

Old Eastbournians, Old Aschamians, former staff and friends are all invited to attend. Wives, husbands and partners are also welcome. Our guest of honour will be John Nugee's daughter Tishy Nugee.

Places cost £15 each, including lunch, wine, soft drinks and coffee.

The dress code is jacket and tie for the gentlemen, smart daywear for the ladies.

How to book

  • To reserve places, please call 01323 452262 or email
  • To pay by credit or debit card, please call 01323 452262 with your card details
  • To pay by cheque, please make it payable to 'Eastbourne College' and send to The Eastbournian Society, Headmaster's House, Old Wish Road, Eastbourne, BN21 4JX
  • To pay by cash, please visit the Eastbournian Society office on the first floor of the Headmaster's House, address above

Please let us know

  • Your name and contact details, and the name(s) of any guest(s) coming with you
  • If you have any seating preferences (would you like to sit with a particular person or house/year group, for example)
  • If you or your guest(s) have a special diet or food allergies


The following have indicated that they will be attending the lunch (last updated 22 May 2013)

David Barnes (Wargrave 1951–55)
Richard Blackburn (Wargrave 1951–56) and Jennie Blackburn
David Blake (Eastbournian Society)
Richard Browne (Blackwater 1949–54) and Cate Browne
Roger Busby (Powell 1951–56) and Diana Busby
David Candlin (Reeves 1949–54)
Anthony Churcher (Powell 1940–43)
Brian Cleave (Powell 1953–58)
Derek Connolly (Powell 1955–59) and Angela Tain
Patrick Coulcher (Reeves 1950–54) and Carol Wines
Simon Davies (Headmaster) and Robina Davies
Michael Drummond-Brady (Blackwater 1942–47) and Angela Drummond-Brady
Hugh Dyer (School 1946–50)
Roger Fendall (Blackwater 1954–58)
Francis Hall (Blackwater 1941–46)
Robin Harrison (Pennell 1942–47) and Liz Harrison
Robert Howell (Pennell 1949–55) and Lesley Obaditch
Chris Howden (Powell 1952–56) and Abby Howden
David Imlach (Pennell 1955–59) and Sharon Imlach
David Kidd-May (Gonville 1945–50) and Joanna Kidd-May
Christopher King (Wargrave 1952–57)
Neill Kinsey (School 1950–53) and Margaret Weddell
John Klyberg (Gonville 1945–50)
Robert Langford (Gonville 1952–56) and Mrs Cheng Wood
Giles Langton (School 1947–51) and Anthea Langton
Lucinda Lourie (daughter of Tom Rodd) and John Lourie and Devra Breslow
Peter Milton-Thompson (Blackwater 1940–46)
Allan Mornement (Gonville 1955–61)
Ron Naylor (Powell 1953–58) and Carole Naylor
Tishy Nugee (daughter of John Nugee)
Ken Ohlson (Gonville 1937–41) and Jill Ohlson
Anthony Parker (School 1949–54)
Michael Partridge (Blackwater 1946–51) and Sheila Partridge
Sally Pastellas (granddaughter of John Nugee)
Peter Paul (Wargrave 1950–52) and Gisèle Paul
Donald Perrens (College staff 1946–81, appointed 1939)
Brian Polden (School 1948–51) and June Polden
Brian Prentis (College staff 1955–91) and Margaret Prentis
John Price (School 1949–53) and Robina Price
Mike Price (Reeves 1955–58) and Margaret Price
Diane Quinnell
John Roberts (Gonville 1939–43) and June Roberts
John Rodd (son of Tom Rodd) and Jane Rodd
Paddy Sandford-Johnson (Blackwater 1944–49) and Wendy Sandford-Johnson
Jeremy Sharp (Wargrave 1956–60) and Helen Sharp
David Stewart (Eastbournian Society Director)
Richard Still (Wargrave 1951–56) and Joan Still
Fiona Storrs (daughter of Robert Storrs)
John Templeton (Blackwater 1955–59)
Henry Thompson (School 1952–56)
David Thomson (Gonville 1955–60)
John Thornley (Eastbournian Society)
David Tillett (School 1950–55)
John Toby (School 1954–58)
Christine Todd (Eastbournian Society)
Raymond Townley (Powell 1945–50)
Peter Vinall (Powell 1946–47; Reeves 1947–50) and Philippa Vinall
Sam Ward (Pennell 1943–47)
Forbes Wastie (College staff 1961–98) and Di Wastie
Jonathan Watt (Powell 1951–56) and Sue Watt
Geoffrey Williams (Powell 1952–55) and Marianne Williams
Brian Wilson (School 1949–53) and Isabel Wilson
Judy Wolsey-Cooper (granddaughter of John Nugee)
Simon Wood (Powell 1950–54)

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