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School Council

Encouraging pupils to contribute to their peers’ wellbeing

The Student Council exists to voice ideas or concerns that pupils may have about the way the school runs, and provides a forum for debate and change. 

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Membership of the council is achieved through nomination and election within each of the houses. Members have a position of great responsibility and it is an honour to represent their house and contribute to the development of the College.

“It is a great honour to represent your house and contribute to the development of the College.”

The council runs as two groups; one for Years 9 to 11, and one for the sixth form. Council meetings are chaired by one of the deputy heads of school and also attended by the chaplain in his pastoral role.

Each house is represented in both councils. Suggestions for meetings are submitted to house reps. Responses from senior management are fed back to the committee. Minutes from each meeting are circulated to all members and published in each house.