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Headmaster’s commendations

 The Headmaster is pleased to commend Abby McNally (A12) who
took on the role of the only NCO at the RAF field trip, leading 13 new Year 10
cadets. She showed excellent leadership qualities, leading by example at all
times and taking into consideration the strengths and weaknesses of the new
cadets. She worked tirelessly to ensure all cadets were meeting the very
exacting standards of the RAF, especially when fully visible at RAF Halton.


The Headmaster is also pleased to commend George Skinner (W13) and
Rebe Casselden (Wt13) for their outstanding contributions to the Open Morning
on 7 October 2017. They prepared and delivered excellent talks to the
prospective parents and pupils in the Birley Centre and their comments were
much appreciated by the audience of 250+.

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