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Headmaster’s Commendations

The Headmaster is pleased to commend the following pupils:

Krystelle Banfield (B12) for her fantastic work last term in organising the annual Blackwater Foodbank appeal. She contacted the local Foodbank before Christmas and asked each year group to bring in different donations by making posters, so that we could provide them with the things that they really needed. Once we had collected the goods, Krystelle contacted the Foodbank again and arranged a time to deliver them all. She showed both initiative and genuine kindness in organising the whole appeal and her efforts were hugely appreciated by everyone at the Eastbourne Foodbank.

Ian Chee (P12) for showing great kindness and compassion by helping to administer first aid to a pensioner who had fallen over on the road outside Pennell. Ian stayed with the casualty for 15 minutes, having called for an ambulance and waited for the emergency services to take over. He was a credit to the College. 

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