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A beach gym for Your Town

Eastbourne College pupils are taking part in the Your Town project, alongside a number of other schools from the Eastbourne Schools Partnership. The project sees young people working with engineers to come up with solutions to improving their lives or local area, and it is funded by the Royal Academy of Engineering’s Ingenious Fund. The purpose of the project is to encourage a greater diversity of young people to think about engineering as a career and to support more engineers in public engagement activity.

Eastbourne College pupils are proposing the development of a state-of-the-art beach gym for the town. They have identified some promising potential sites along the seafront, and their vision is to provide townsfolk and visitors with a beach gym which will be the envy of other seaside resorts. In tune with the government’s drive to improve the health of young and old alike this free gym will offer first-class equipment to enable people to work out while looking out over the sea. In line with current ‘Blue Health’ research being undertaken by Exeter University into the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of living by the sea, this beach gym will uniquely have space for reflection and calm as well. The Eastbourne College pupils have researched beach gyms in other resorts around the world, and they are excited about how this new facility will add to the experience of those who live in or visit Eastbourne.

Besides generating ideas, the pupils will present their ideas to an invited local audience including people and organisations responsible for making their projects a reality. This is intended to be a real pitch – a well presented and evidenced argument. The Eastbourne event takes place between June and November 2019. Best of luck to all the teams participating.

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