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Headmaster’s Welcome

The sea inspires us. Endless horizons reflect the potential for all our pupils, the limitlessness of their aspiration. As the ‘blue health school’ we harness our coastal location to the benefit of our children’s physical and mental wellbeing.

Enjoying the outdoors is part of our commitment to a diversity of opportunity:  a balance between cultural engagement, schoolwork and sport and enjoying the company of friends. eastbourne college tom lawson homepage

Eastbourne College has a tradition of innovation, enthusiastically leading UK education in the direction of balanced co-education, equally cherishing our boarders and day pupils, aiming for what we are proud to call healthy learning for the long term.

The academic results achieved by boys and girls at Eastbourne are consistently very strong and higher than many more selective schools. We recruit children of a wide ability range, confident that we can challenge and develop all those who come to the College. Because our programme is tailored to the skills and aspirations of each individual, we can provide stretch for every pupil. We celebrate the success of all our pupils, whichever university destination or career choice they make.

Headmaster engaging with pupils

Our ambition is to inspire modern minds with our healthy, balanced learning approach. Explore our 2022-2023 Highlights Booklet to see just some of the achievements attained by our pupils last year.

Whether in house, on the games field or in the classroom, everything we do at Eastbourne College is informed by our key values: participation, the pursuit of excellence, integrity, courtesy and kindness.

We are fortunate to have an historic and inspiring school site and state-of-the art facilities. Even more importantly, we have a talented and committed body of staff who are expert in nurturing children so they develop the best of themselves.

Jessica and I have lived in schools for all our working lives. We believe in putting children’s wellbeing first; happy, healthy, young people are the best learners and amplify the achievements of those around them. An educational community as purposeful and enthusiastic as Eastbourne College imbues pupils with a love of learning. The wellspring of our lifelong commitment to education is a belief that good learning soothes and enthuses, promoting children’s happiness, resilience, sophistication and integrity.

The College is an exceptionally open and friendly place where visitors are warmly welcomed by staff and pupils. I look forward to welcoming you to Eastbourne so that you can experience the family feel of the College. You may be lucky to meet a very popular member of the community, namely Roy, our boxer dog. I trust that, in the meantime, you will find this website helpful and informative. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if there is any further information you need.

Tom Lawson, MA (Oxon)