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Years 9-11

A broad experience leading to informed educational choices

The Year 9 curriculum is designed to provide a broad academic experience. Pupils continue with many subjects that they have studied before, but may also study new things, or approach familiar subjects in different ways and with a greater range of facilities and teaching methods.

Within the two-week cycle, Year 9 follow a 58-lesson programme. Activities are accommodated around this academic programme and all pupils, whether day or boarding, have the opportunity to complete their prep in school if they wish to.

There are also societies (eg the Hayman Society for junior scholars) which aim to ensure that pupils have every opportunity to develop academically throughout their first year.


Year 10 provides pupils with their first real opportunity to make decisions about their own education. The balance of the curriculum shifts from being mainly compulsory in Year 9 to having a much higher percentage of option subjects.

We believe that making GCSE choices is really the start of a process that will continue throughout a child’s education. It is an opportunity to give serious thought to interests and talents.

We offer pupils the opportunity to study the subjects which they enjoy and in which they feel they will succeed. The school timetable is tailored to ensure that all pupil-option choices can be accommodated. Flexibility within the GCSE curriculum means that pupils can follow unique programmes of study, allowing them to complete Year 11 with between 9 and 11 GCSEs (some do more), according to need and ability.

For further information please view our 2024-26 GCSE Choices booklet.

"Pupils are enthusiastically committed to achieving academic success and do so."
ISI Inspection Report 2021

Sixth Form

Moving into the sixth form is a very significant step for all pupils. For the first time, pupils have an almost completely free choice of subjects, and have the opportunity to study in depth those which interest them most.

Teachers will increasingly look to pupils to take charge of their own studies expecting that they will take much more responsibility for their own learning.  They will help to guide pupils through the key parts of the course and will set assignments that will develop understanding.

Pupils are prepared for independent work and study at university or in a career. Before accepting the challenge of an Eastbourne sixth-form education, pupils must commit to investing time and effort in sustained and thought-provoking academic endeavour.

Most sixth form pupils will complete the Upper Sixth with three, or occasionally four, A-levels. 

For further information please view the 2024-26 Sixth Form Choices booklet.