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Inspection Reports

Inspection Reports

We await the report for the Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) inspection that took place in June 2021.

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Regulatory Compliance Inspection took place in November 2018 and all compliance standards were met. The compliance inspection focuses on procedures, policies and the national minimum standards for boarding schools and therefore does not offer the qualitative judgements that one will find in previous inspection reports. The outcome of the inspection is simply pass or fail, since this is a compliance-only inspection.

The report detailing the eight out of eight categories under which we successfully complied with regulations, is available here. There were no formal recommendations for improvement.

The previous inspection had been an inspection in September 2014 on different aspects of the school including the quality of the pupils’ achievements and learning, the contribution of teaching, the quality of care and the effectiveness of management. Prior to that a boarding inspection had taken place  in December 2012 and the National Minimum Standards for Boarding 2012 were met. A copy of these reports can be found below.


ISI Inspection Report November 2018

ISI Inspection Report Sept 2014

ISI Inspection Report Dec 2012

Eastbourne College is highly successful in meeting its primary aim, namely to provide a broad and holistic education which prepares pupils to lead happy, positive and fulfilled lives.  The pupils' overall achievement is excellent, as demonstrated by their high levels of performance in public examinations and within lessons and extra-curricular activities.