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Means-tested support to extend access to the College

The Eastbourne College Charity is committed to extending access to the College. We offer means-tested financial support to a considerable number of pupils each year.

Applications for bursaries for a pupil who is registered with the College are made independently of any scholarship application. Applicants are expected to fulfil the academic entry requirements of the College and must have the potential both to benefit from the opportunities on offer and to contribute to the community.

Bursaries can ‘top up’ scholarship awards but are not normally added together. The College reserves the right to review bursaries on a yearly basis and to arrange home visits to help inform its assessments.

Bursary application forms are provided upon request but please note that a pupil will normally have to be registered for an application to be considered. Bursaries are means-tested by the finance bursar according to the guidelines laid down by the Charity Commission.

Download our Year 9 scholarship and bursary information booklet for 2021 entry.

Our guide to sixth form entry and sixth form scholarships 2021 booklet, offers useful information on assessment criteria, important dates and the application process. For further information about scholarships, please contact the admissions office.