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An ambitious programme to continue providing the best facilities and wellbeing

We firmly believe our values are timeless. The world, however, does not stand still and nor do we.

As Eastbourne College celebrated its 150th anniversary, we embarked on an ambitious programme called Project 150. The second phase of this project was completed in April 2018. Called the Winn Building, it comprises classrooms, a dance studio, a fitness suite, a sports hall, squash courts, a swimming pool, and a spacious dining hall with function rooms and a café.

The next phase of our programme will see additional investment to develop the campus and further improve the educational experience of all pupils at the College. We will be undertaking a space audit across the site, identifying areas that need improvement and plan a scheme of work that ensures we continue to deliver a 21st-century education, underpinned by tradition.

Blue Health

Healthy living and wellbeing are of great importance at Eastbourne College. A significant and growing body of evidence suggests that there are a number of health and wellbeing benefits of living by the sea, a phenomenon known as ‘blue health’. The College is fortunate to be only minutes from the sea. We will continue taking full advantage of its superb location.

Delivering a 21st-century education, underpinned by tradition.

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