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International Admissions

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A quintessentially English setting for an international education

Eastbourne College welcomes applications from pupils all over the world and all educational backgrounds.

We ensure an international spread by exercising care over the number of pupils accepted from any one country. Overall, we tend to limit the number of our international pupils to 20 per cent of the total intake. Applications from pupils for whom English is an additional language are welcomed provided they have the aptitude and ability to cope with being taught in English.

The applications process

International applicants (or their agents) must provide a copy of their most recent school report, a supporting reference from their current school, confirmation of their level of English, their date of birth, and any other supporting information. Translations should be provided if necessary. Once these items have been received, the College will contact the candidate’s family or their agent to let them know whether their enquiry can proceed to the registration stage. 

Once registered, applicants are usually required to sit a UKiset exam. UKiset is an online independent school entrance test for international pupils that measures five principal academic areas: English, non-verbal and verbal reasoning, quantitative, and spatial ability. Pupils can register for the exams online by visiting UKISET.

If an applicant is in a British educational system abroad, additional testing may not be necessary provided a Child Student Visa is not required.

English as an additional language

To support international pupils becoming stronger in English and benefit fully from all the educational opportunities on offer, the College delivers compulsory EAL (English as an additional language) lessons to international pupils throughout their time at the College. The course our sixth form international pupils follow leads to an IELTS (International Language Testing System) qualification. It is recognised as the standard test for those wishing to continue their higher education in an English-speaking environment.

read our latest International Booklet AND GUARDIANship POLICY

International Pupils Guidance Booklet 2023-24


"Pupils have very purposeful and supportive relationships with each other and across the whole school community."
ISI Inspection Report 2021