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Learning Enrichment

Supporting pupils to achieve their full potential

All pupils have unique strengths and areas of greater need in their learning. We are committed to ensuring that they are given the opportunity to achieve their full potential. The Learning Enrichment Department is always happy to meet parents and pupils to discuss pupils’ individual needs and what provision can be put in place to help them thrive.


We offer those with specific learning difficulties the opportunity to learn at a pace tailor-made for their individual needs. 

The College aims to recruit pupils who will cope with the academic demands and pass the GCSE hurdle for entry into the sixth form. Those who have experienced some learning difficulties but are able to achieve 50 per cent in subjects at Common Entrance, and have interests and talents that can be nurtured and developed, should thrive at the College.

We support emotional wellbeing and encourage learning potential by empowering all of our pupils to reach their goals.

Department Overview

The Learning Enrichment Department is situated at the heart of the academic site in a suite of rooms overlooking College Field. For pupils identified with learning difficulties, we develop an individual education plan, which is shared with their teachers. The Learning Enrichment Department works closely with housemasters and housemistresses, pupils, teachers and tutors to ensure appropriate support strategies are in place.

Specialist support lessons may be recommended. These will be taught individually, focusing on the identified area of need. Such lessons are organised at the beginning of each term and take into account the demands of a pupil’s academic timetable and co-curricular activities. There is a charge for this provision.

As pupils approach public examinations, additional support, covering study skills (including revision and examination techniques), is offered. The department also delivers study skills and exam preparation seminars to which all pupils of a specific year group are invited. In addition, the College offers the IPAP (Improving Personal Academic Performance) scheme which delivers short-term one-to-one support, at no extra charge, to any pupil in the College needing to improve their study skills.