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Eastbourne College is a community with excellence at its core, and a clear focus on health, happiness and a holistic education.

An Educational Community

Time and again, visitors to the College comment on what a friendly, open and warm place it is. This atmosphere shapes our behaviour and attitudes.

Our values

Unique Location

Just as the College’s location offers a balance of sea and rolling hills, bustling town and open country, we challenge and support our pupils. We focus on high academic achievement supplemented by an unparalleled range of co-curricular activities. The breadth of experience we provide develops integrity, kindness and a resilience that pupils will draw on for the rest of their lives.

The College Character

Superb pastoral care

The house system is the backbone of school life at Eastbourne College. It’s where the day begins and ends, and where pupils ‘come home’ throughout the day and where lifelong friendships are fostered. Boarders and day pupils enjoy a stimulating and safe environment allowing them to develop personally and a group under the expert guidance of a housemaster or housemistress.

Pastoral Care

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‘Riptide’ is the culmination of a six-month STEAM programme (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Maths) led by Eastbourne Schools Partnership in collaboration with Photoworks and STEM Sussex. The programme has created new opportunities for art and science teachers to collaborate with photographers and marine ecologists, planning and delivering cross-curricular projects for their students. The exhibition will be held in the Birley Centre from Thursday 21 June. It presents work in a variety of photographic media, reveals the pupils’ passionate and informed responses to the plastics problem and demonstrates the close links between artistic and scientific enquiry.

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