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College Life

Life in our thriving community

Eastbourne College is, above all, a community. It is the strength and shared purpose of the whole community that allows pupils to feel safe and valued and thrive in their environment. It provides the platform from which boys and girls grow and develop into happy, confident, accomplished individuals.

The care and development of each pupil lies at the centre of everything that happens at the College. Helping boys and girls to be the best they can be produces first-rate academic results. Educational attainment is just one aspect of what pupils take away from their time at the College.

Pupils socialising in cafe

We encourage, guide and nurture every individual. Our house system fosters a deep sense of belonging and good-natured competitiveness. Various roles of responsibility, from being a member of the School Council to being a prefect, encourage pupils to think of their peers and to serve and shape the community.

Our wide range of creative and sporting opportunities, many of which lead to paths of excellence, bring together different year groups. Through these, pupils form close relationships, coming together as a school community to compete, enjoy and celebrate.

"Pupils have very purposeful and supportive relationships with each other and across the whole school community."
ISI Inspection Report 2021