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Record A level results for Eastbourne College students

Eastbourne College girls and boys have achieved outstanding A level results and broken all previous College records. Over 86% of all grades were A*, A  or B with well over half at A* or A. More than one in five of all grades achieved by College students was an A* – the elite grade awarded only to candidates who score over 90% in their A-level examinations. For the third year in succession the A*- B rate has exceeded 80%.

Commenting on this achievement, Headmaster Simon Davies said: ‘It is clear that the headline figure for this year’s A level results is exceptionally high. What makes it all the more impressive is that it has been achieved by girls and boys from across a relatively wide range of ability and the College‘s results continue to exceed those of highly selective schools.  The College delights equally in the successes of the most able who score many A*s and As and go on to top universities and in those who are, on paper, apparently less able but nevertheless achieve very strongly both in absolute terms and relative to their ability. This is the very essence of offering top academic value added to all pupils.’

Superb individual performances came from William McIntyre and Benjamin Stevens (4A*,1A), Natasha Askaroff , Sam Brooks and Daniel Yu (4A*), Jenny Ablett, Matthew Khan and Nanxi Wu (3A*, 1A), Tony Huang (3A*, 1B) and Jody Deans and Angus Stewart (3A*). Close behind them were Luis Cuadro-Granda (2A*, 2A, 1B), Anthony Campbell, Lucy Gray and Ashley Lee (2A*, 2A). Other notable individual achievements included Charlotte Davidson, Catherine Glazebrook, Alexander Harris, Rowena Henley, Emma Jones, Alice Lowden, James Mannion and Rebecca Taylor (2A*, 1A).

The Headmaster commented: ‘Perhaps the most impressive thing about these grades is that they have been achieved by boys and girls who have not simply been driven towards academic success at all costs but have, instead, been offered a very particular and broad brand of education that has developed them in all manner of ways by means of challenge and support from highly skilled and motivated staff who are intent on helping them become remarkable young people with a great deal to offer who also happen to score first class exam results.

At AS level, the Lower Sixth performed well, with over 60% achieving A and B grades, positioning them for a successful final year at the College.

The Headmaster said: ‘I am absolutely delighted with how this year’s sixth formers have risen to the challenge of their AS and A level examinations and am thrilled for all those who have done so very well. These results are a real tribute to the hard work of the pupils and teaching staff of Eastbourne College. We celebrate their outstanding individual and collective success.’


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