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Antigone workshop

Expert practitioner Mark Katz from the Actors of Dionysus Theatre Company delivered a specifically crafted two hour workshop based on Antigone – one of the A Level Drama set texts. Working with eight members from both Year 13 Drama classes, Mark brought fresh focus to the themes and characters making our pupils consider how the meaning of this evocative story communicates to a modern day audience. The role of the Greek chorus was explored, as were the motives behind the key characters Antigone and Creon, helping our pupils come to fresh decisions about their interpretations of these classic yet timeless figures. Mark Katz shared extracts of his latest script adaptation, allowing our pupils to gain clear understanding of the possibilities of new performance concepts.

Highlights of the workshop were scenes brought to life:

Bibi, Lilly and Sophie recreating the standoff between tragic sisters Antigone and Ismene, watched by a vengeful Creon.

Charlie, Giles and Robbie capturing synchronised action and words as a soldierly version of the Greek chorus.

Albert and James as father and son, Creon and Haemon, bitterly addressing Creon’s refusal to back down from his decree that Antigone be punished.