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Athletics Day 2017

On the afternoon of Friday 30 June the College community came together at the Eastbourne Sports Park for the Athletics Day 2017. Despite every possible type of weather from torrential rain to bright sunshine, pupils and staff enjoyed this annual event enormously. 

The results were as follows:
Senior Boys
1st – Gonville; 2nd Wargrave, 3rd – Pennell 
Senior Girls:
1st – Watt; 2nd – Nugent; 3rd Blackwater
Intermediate Boys
1st – Craig; Joint 2nd – Powell and Reeves
Intermediate Girls:
1st – Arnold, 2nd – Nugent; 3rd – Watt
Junior Boys:
1st – Powell, 2nd – Craid; 3rd Wargrave
Junior Girls:
1st Nugent; 2nd – Watt, 3rd – Arnold

Overall Boys:

1st – Powell (159 points)
2nd – Craig (153 points)
3rd – Gonville and Wargrave (146 points)
Overall Girls:
1st – Nugent (143 points)
2nd – Watt (135 points)
3rd – Arnold (121 points)
Senior Victor Ludorum – Walter Huchu
Senior Victrix Ludorum – Adelaide O’Conor

Best Supported House: School, followed by Nugent

Tug of War:
Junior Girls – Arnold
Junior Boys – Pennell
Senior Girls – Blackwater
Senior Boys – Reeves