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Athletics Day

On the penultimate afternoon of the summer term, pupils, staff and parents gathered at the Eastbourne Sports Park for the College annual athletics Day. The event was blessed with glorious sunshine and everyone turned out to support their house athletes.


The results were as follows:




1st Nugent (133 points)

2nd Blackwater (126 points)

3rd School (101 points)

4th Arnold (97 points)

5th Watt (90 points)

Junior competition: 1st Arnold, 2nd Nugent, 3rd Blackwater, 4th School, 5th Watt

Intermediate competition: 1st Watt, 2nd Blackwater, 3rd Nugent, 4th School

Senior competition: 1st joint Blackwater and Nugent, 3rd School, 4th Arnold, 5th Watt

School Records:

Robyn Mackay – Senior gilrs 100m

Alice Walker – Senior girls 400m and senior girls triple jump

Kristy Henty – Intermediate girls shot put

Lauren Bennett – Junior girls shot put

Senior Girls Victrix Ludorum: Alice Walker (two wins with two school records)


1st Wargrave (162 points)

2nd Craig (160 points)

3rd Reeves (149 points)

4th Gonville (148 points)

5th Powell (132 points)

6th Pennell (122 points)

Junior competition: 1st Powell, 2nd Reeves, 3rd Gonville, 4th Craig, 5th Wargrave, 6th Pennell

Intermediate competition: 1st Wargrave, 2nd Pennell, 3rd Craig, 4th Reeves, 5th Gonville, 6th Powell

Senior competition: 1st Craig, 2nd Gonville, 3rd Wargrave, 4th Reeves, 5th Powell, 6th Pennell

School Records

Brad Evans – Senior boys javelin

Max redman – Junior boys 200m

Senior Boys Victor Ludorum: Brad Evans (two wins, one of which was a school record)