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CCF RAF awards

The 2016 Lent term was another busy and successful period for the Eastbourne College CCF RAF section.

On Monday 14 March four RAF cadets, Bradley Ellison (Year 10 Powell), Abby McNally (Year 10 Arnold), George Ruskin (Year 11 Powell) and Louie Trott (Year 11 Powell), were awarded their marksmanship (2nd class) badges for a full-bore live firing day at Lydd Ranges in late February. Bradley also received his course photo having successfully completed a week-long RAF junior leadership course at half-term and Ed Hodges (Year 12 Gonville) received his instructor Cadet braid after having completed his advanced exam and methods of instruction course.

Ed Hodges and Louie Trott (Year 11 Powell) were congratulated on being awarded RAF flying scholarships to be completed during the summer holidays. Both cadets will receive 12 hours of tuition in a powered aircraft and will hopefully achieve their first solo flight.