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In the penultimate week of an incredibly busy Michaelmas term, parents, friends, pupils and the general public were treated to a multimedia extravaganza of a show. Dracula, re-written for the stage by Paul Turner and directed by Tim Marriott, launched the audience into the thick of the action from the start.


With a cast of 80 drawn from all year groups it was a spectacular example of how drama is the ultimate team game. Along with the blood and guts, came some finely drawn performances as well as some memorably humorous moments which were neatly effective in ramping up the drama and tension.

Whether audience members were part of the café-style goulash [ghoulish?] and red wine crowd or watching from the gallery, the show engaged everyone in a visceral as well as intellectual manner. In conjunction with Cabaret presentation in the Birley Centre  durimg the final week of term, it is clear that cultural experiences are very much at the heart of the College.

The photograph above shows Toby Marriott as Count Dracula and Tiggy Melloy as the unfortunate Lucy Westonra.