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Enterprise Day 2015

On Tuesday 23 June all Year 10 pupils took part in the National Enterprise Challenge. The boys and girls were placed in randomly created teams and spent the day at the College working on a variety of tasks.

The challenge was to design a new attraction for Alton Towers Theme Park.

At the end of the event, the top eight teams presented their ideas to Mr Oli Docksey of the National Enterprise Challenge, and to the Headmaster. The winning team developed an Indian-themed, exploding roller-coaster.

The successful team members were Charlotte Brown (Watt), Maria Mercade (Nugent), Jaynish Patel (Craig), Rory Pickard (Wargrave), Cecilie Rasner (School) and Louis Wood (Powell). Many other pupils made excellent contributions to the day including Hamish Green (Pennell), Marianne McMurdo (Nugent) and Kristina Sharabinskaia (Nugent).

All participants were congratulated on their ideas and presentations by Mr Docksey who is the Director of Delivery for the National Enterprise Challenge.