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European Day of Languages 2019

It’s the European Day of Languages today. Did you know that many of the English words we use today come from European languages? Café, entrepreneur and genre come from French; sauna comes from Finnish; rucksack comes from German; moped comes from Swedish; and guerrilla, patio and plaza are the same words in Spanish.

The European Day of Languages is an initiative of the Council of Europe and European Commission. It is celebrated each year on 26 September and aims to raise awareness of the importance of language learning and promote the diversity of culture and language in Europe. This year the MFL Department marked the day with a European themed lunch time quiz, and our catering team served some delicious European delicacies too. Surrounded by flags of the European countries, pupils tested their knowledge of European culture and language over a mix of paella, bratwurst and strudel.

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european day of languages bratwurst  european day of languages paella