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Every One Counts – New sports film

An exceptional sports programme is integral to the gold standard education that Eastbourne College offers. Every sport that our pupils participate in, whether at the elite level or just for fun, makes a meaningful difference. All pupils have the opportunity to engage with 20 sports, guided by an expert coaching team that draws from certified coaching qualifications and the experience of ex-Olympic, international and county representatives as well as an enthusiastic and experienced staff body. We play and compete on some of the strongest sporting circuits in the South-East. The fixture programme gives players access to regional, county and national competitions as well as support in representative pathways. With around 900 competitive and friendly sports fixtures organised, over 97 per cent of our pupils will represent the College during every academic year.

Our new £33 million Project 150 development has given us world-class sports facilities to enhance performance from the grass roots through to our elite performers. An in-house strength and conditioning expert ensures that training programmes are accessible for all, safe and produce results.

Choose your sport, choose Eastbourne College.