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Eastbourne college presents the good doctor

Location: The Dell, Eastbourne College

A combination of Neil Simon and Anton Chekhov, The Good Doctor, is charming, hilarious, sad, and touching.

It consists of a series of comic vignettes narrated by ‘The Writer.’ He presents the audience with a plethora of scenes: some are from his childhood, others are his family and friends, and still others are his own life experiences. In one sketch, a crafty seducer goes to work on a wedded woman, only to realise that the woman has been in command from the first overture. And let us not forget the classic tale of a man who offers to drown himself for three rubles. The audience meets a variety of characters, all of whom are immediately relatable and strikingly human. The humour is infectious and the fun unending.

Start time 8.15pm
Refreshments available
Bring a blanket and / or umbrella.
Tickets £8
Running time approximately 90 minutes