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Giant crane removal

The appearance of the Project 150 site changes daily as work forges ahead on the construction of this £33 million transformational development and none more so than today. The giant tower crane that has dominated Eastbourne’s skyline since March 2016 is now being removed.  It has stood 30 metres high and has had a jib spanning 56 metres.  It has stood on a 250 tonne concrete base and the sports hall development has been built up around it.

With good weather conditions today, a second crane has carefully lifted the massive jib down to ground level and then the sections (like giant Meccano) have been dismantled.  The giant pieces have then been loaded onto lorries and transported away. 

It is a highly skilled job and it has taken weeks of planning and preparation. It is probably just as well the dismantling has been taking place over the holidays as it would have created a bit of a distraction for the English and Maths departments.