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Headmaster’s Challenge

The Headmaster is pleased to commend the following pupils for their entries into this summer’s Headmaster’s Challenge.

Year 9 Winner Rosalin Kremer (Watt)
  Highly Commended Hamish Green (Pennell)
  Commended Georgia Yarnall (N)
Year 10 Winners Grace Porter (Blackwater) and James Tomlinson (Powell)
  Highly Commended Charles Pendry (Craig)
Year 11 Winner Hugo Darby (Powell)
  Highly Commended

Katie Butler-Manuel (Blackwater), Charlie Hickman (Powell), Lucy Hyde (Watt)

Year 12 Winner Laurence Cox (Powell)
  Highly Commended Harry Beeching (Powell), Bill Corfield (Craig), Dominic Hickman-Casey (Craig), Florence Hole (Blackwater), Poppy Hole (Blackwater), David Meijer (Powell)


Their names and signatures will be entered in the Commendation Book.