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Headmaster’s Commendations April 2016

The Headmaster is pleased to commend the following pupils:

For being nominated Best Cadet from the CCF Army by the Sixth Form NCOs and adult officers who have been overseeing their training since September.

Charlotte Chatterton, Year 10 Nugent, Finlay Dexter, Year 10 Wargrave, Isabel Igbokwe Year 10 Blackwater, Ollie Lowe, Year 10 Gonville, Samat Shagdamov, Year 10 Wargrave, Olivia Sykes, Year 10 Blackwater, Annie Wilson, Year 10 Nugent and Steven Yuen, Year 10 Pennell.

Also, Cpl Rebecca Nurse, Year 13 Arnold, who has made a significant contribution to the CCF whilst maintaining a high standard of excellence in the arts.

Also the following pupils who have been promoted to the rank of Sergeant or above.

Sergeant Tom Alston, Year 12, Gonville                   Colour Sergeant Fergus Gregorie, Year 13 Gonville
Sergeant Oscar Booth, Year 13 Gonville                   Colour Sergeant Will Falk, Year 12 Gonville
Sergeant Will McNeilly, Year 12 Gonville                  Colour Sergeant Sammi McClure, Year 13 Craig
Sergeant Charlie Meek, Year 13 Wargrave               Warrant Officer (Second Class) David Meijer, Year 13 Powell

Nicole Wallbridge Bourmistrova, Year 12 Nugent, Jessie Carpenter, Year 12 Watt, Joe Pagram, Year 12 Craig, Thomas Ridge, Year 12 Reeves and Jasmine Walsh, Year 12 Watt,  for regularly attending their activity session at the Chaseley Trust which they have carried out with enormous goodwill. They have empathised with the residents, cared for them, befriended them and helped them. Those responsible at the Chaseley Trust for the activity programme in which our pupils have been involved have spoken very highly of them and they and the residents will miss them now that the programme for our pupils has finished.

Megan Terry, Year 9 Watt, Sophie Nicholles, Year 9 Watt, and Chloe Cox, Year 9 Blackwater, for completing some exceptionally detailed research work for a project exploring Shakespeare’s world.

Darcey Joyce, Year 12 Blackwater, for the additional service activities she has undertaken during the Michaelmas and Lent terms this year.  In addition to her work with Year 9 Drama, she has been involved in the Amnesty Group, worked at the Winter Night Shelter and at the Foodbank.

Will Reeves, Year 9 Gonville, for helping with the last Open Morning. He took three different tours of prospective parents around the site and they were all most complimentary on their return.

Chloe Cox, Year 9 Blackwater, for outstanding work in the Year 9 top set for Maths. She has produced the most determined and comprehensive prep ever seen, writing detailed, thoughtful attempts on questions that go far beyond the normal expectations at this age.

The Headmaster is also pleased to commend the nine pupils listed below for marshalling at the Eastbourne Half Marathon. They were fantastic ambassadors for the College with their positive and cheery marshalling.

They all showed a kind of selfless attitude, which is one that should inspire others.

Morayo Adeosun, Year 11 Nugent
Amelia Allen, Year 12 School
Deborah Ajuonuma, Year 13 School
Liberty Balmer, Year 12 School
Oliver Gent, Year 10 Powell                   
Felix Harffey-Burkhill, Year 9 Powell   
Abigail Planterose, Year 10 School   
Olga Predeina, Year 11 School 

Also, to Hongrui Chen, Year 12 Wargrave, who was lead cyclist for the junior events.