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Headmaster’s Commendations 5 June 2016

The Headmaster is pleased to commend the following pupils:

Felix Harffey-Burkhill (Year 9 Powell), Zara Lawson Johnston (Year 9 Nugent), Abby Mcnally (Year 10 Arnold), Issy Newton (Year 10 Watt), Megan Terry (Year 9 Watt) and Max Schnuppe (Year 9 Wargrave) for their outstanding commitment to, and performance in, ‘Teechers’.

Cadet Freya Cournane (Year 10 Arnold) and Cadet Sophie Stephenson (Year 10 Arnold) for completing the residential Junior Leadership course at HMS Bristol.  Both cadets attended this course with enthusiasm and pushed themselves out of their comfort zones.  They have been excellent ambassadors both for and within the section.  They will be promoted to the junior NCO rank of Leading Rate.

Florence Ferrari (Year 9 Blackwater), Beth Hawkins (Year 9 Watt), Charlie Hamilton (Year 9 Blackwater), Shaumya Kularajan (Year 9 Watt) and Joseph Shouksmith (Year 9 Craig), who produced exceptional work over the Easter holidays for a Shakespeare Project Challenge. Their work is on display in the LRC.