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Headmaster’s Commendations March 2017

The Headmaster is pleased to commend the following pupils:

Chloe Webster, Year 13 School, Lily Kelly, Year 13 School and Cecilia Plumptre, Year 12 School, who, through the Gold Arts Award leadership project, they were able to think creatively to produce a fabulous Fashion and Dance show. They each demonstrated a professional attitude when dealing with other pupils, dealt with any issues calmly and turned to the right people for support and advice. They learnt a great deal about collaboration. Throughout the Gold Arts Award leadership project they have not only worked together as a team but brought all year groups, boys and girls together, practiced working together, shared responsibility and compromised with others to accomplish a common goal. 

Georgia Yarnall, Year 13 Nugent, for her superb organisation and mature approach when enlisting the help of pupils, staff, OEs and friends to help her plan and execute a very successful Hockey Tournament in aid of Great Ormond Street Hospital.  Georgia oversaw the smooth running of the event on the day, the OEs enjoyed their match against staff and leavers and participating pupils reported back what fun it was to play mixed hockey in aid of such an excellent cause.