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Headmaster’s Commendations Feb 2013

The Headmaster is pleased to commend the following people:

Charlie Hickman, Gonville Year 10, for the thoughtfulness and teamwork he has shown in completing the D of E volunteering section.  He has worked independently demonstrating 100% commitment and focus whilst quietly motivating others.  

Eleanor Ruskin, Katie Webb and Lucy Wicks, all Watt Year 13, for their initiative and enthusiasm in both organising and making the German evening such a success.

Stuart Weston, Gonville Year 13, for stepping in at the last minute to give technical support at the School House Concert and Leo Lightfoot, Gonville Year 12, for filming and editing the Upper Sixth School House leavers’ video. Both did so willingly and in their own time.

Plum Hoppen and Hannah McKinnon, both School House Year 13, are also commended for the hard work, enthusiasm and motivation they showed to make the School House concert a huge success.

Grace Cheung, Nugent Year 13, for her fantastic contribution to the Chinese New Year Dinner.