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Headmaster’s Commendations for December

During December, Headmaster’s Commendations have been received by the following pupils:

Lisken Jellings Year 13 Blackwater, for her beautiful performance in the Advent Service on Sunday and for the way she stepped in to read at the Remembrance Service.

Anna-Louise Walters, Year 13 Nugent, for showing her outstanding support of fund-raising for the netball tour.  She has shown superb entrepreneurial skills in researching her market, designing and producing the Christmas cards which are selling very well.

Charles Pendry, Year 9 Craig, for producing a top class extended essay on the sinking of the Lusitania, for scoring 15/16 in his history exam as well as being particularly engaged in lessons.

Ben Hughes, Y9 Craig, for applying himself with earnest determination in his Latin and Greek lessons and achieving excellent top marks in his end of term exams.  He was top in the class in both exams.