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Headmaster’s Commendations for January

The Headmaster is pleased to commend Isaac Brown (Year 13 Powell), Tammy Tam (Year 12 School), Bill Corfield (Year 11 Craig), Arith Fonseka (Year 11 Craig), Michelle Chin (Year 11 School), Haoxin Fei (Year 13 Gonville), Ben Foster (Year 11 Gonville), Jess Porter(Year 11 Blackwater) and Kajal Radia (Year 11 Watt) in recognition of their efforts in the Wish Tower Competition which began last term. Even though their presentations did not reach the next stage of the competition, they undertook this work willingly, on top of their already busy lives, and engaged in some excellent team work, emphasising the importance of taking part and learning that the process is as important as the outcome.