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History trip to Germany

Twenty-nine pupils from Year 10 and 11 along with four members of staff flew to Germany over half-term for a History iGCSE trip.  

The excursion started in Munich where pupils visited Dachau concentration camp, the model for all future labour camps in the Third Reich, before returning to Munich city centre to walk the route of the 1923 Beer Hall Putsch and to learn about the grassroots Bavarian support for the Nazi Party.  

The next day was spent in Nuremberg visiting sites such as the Kongresshalle (Congress Hall), Zeppelinfeld (Zeppelin field) and Ehrentribüne (Tribune of Honour) which comprised the infamous Nazi rally grounds and where pupils could really absorb the tribal ritualisation that was at the heart of maintaining support for Hitler’s regime. 

The final stop of the tour was two days and nights in Berlin where the group’s attention shifted between the end of the Third Reich and the beginnings of Berlin as the focal point for Cold War tension. Pupils experienced an exhilarating whistle-stop bike tour of the city’s iconic attractions including the Brandenburg Gate, Holocaust Memorial and Checkpoint Charlie. A memorable visit inside the Reichstag dome, an amble alongside the East-Side Gallery and a tour around the 1936 Olympic Stadium rounded off an excellent trip which was packed full of laughter, enjoyment and of course plenty of fascinating history.