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Ist XV excel this season

Superb commitment to training sessions and matches, together with pride in the Eastbourne shirt and name, epitomised the spirit exhibited by the College rugby teams this season.

Nowhere has this been more apparent than in the attitude of the senior squads, with the Ist XV celebrating their most successful season in over a decade. Winning nine out of ten matches, their most memorable victories included wins against Brighton College (12-3) and St John’s (20-14). In November, the team, having not conceded a single try, were nominated twice for team of the month by Rugby World magazine.

The 2nd, 3rd and 4th squads equally had great success and won 25 matches out of 33 played.

Inspired by the work ethic and performance of the senior squads, the U16 teams made huge improvements to their game. The As took their opponents to the wire in every match played; the Bs finished their three years together having lost just six matches over this time period, and the Cs took victory in their last match.

Plagued by injuries throughout the season, the U15s saw the players step up and compete every week, making great progress.

The same can be said of the U14s, with an exceptional season for the U14As. The team won eight of their 11 fixtures and so remain in the County Cup.