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Kickboxing training

Eleven Year 9 and Year 10 pupils successfully
passed their kickboxing grading exams at Kicks Studio in Eastbourne. Oscar
Carlisle, Victor Chan, Cody Chan, Barbara Diaz Bruzzone, Alex Freeman, Patrick
Pi, Rupert Plumptre, Sophia Semkina and Brendon Wong all passed their first
grading and received a red belt having only started their kickboxing training
in September. Cory van Tongeren and Gerald Wong progressed further, passing
their second grading and received their yellow belts. Pupils performed very
well in their assessments and should be commended for their dedication to
mastering these new skills in just one term. Kickboxing is run as an activity
and is open to all year nine and ten pupils, beginners are welcome and no
previous experience is required.