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Nimes exchange

In November, a group of pupils from our partner school, the Lycée Albert Camus in Nimes, visited the College as part of the annual French Exchange between both Sixth Form groups.

Oliver Gent, College pupil, wrote this review about the visit:

First part: the visit from pupils and
staff from Lycée Albert Camus

In the ever successful
affiliation between the Lycee Albert Camus and Eastbourne College, the annual
exchange of Lower 6th/premiere pupils took place in early November.

Always a fantastic opportunity
for those involved to broaden their linguistic horizons, it was Eastbourne’s
home leg to host those traversing the channel. Many magnificent moments were
captured over the five days, before the visitors made their way to London for
the remaining two days before their return.

A leisurely trip to Brighton was
met with obvious excitement and anticipation and clusters of shopping bags
found their way Pomodoro’s where both parties, English and French, enjoyed a
neutral (Italian) cuisine.

From strolls along the seafront
to the cliffs and peaks of the Seven Sisters, the nomadic French group traipsed
and took in the natural beauties of the English south coast.

In all, their visit was a huge
success, and it was obvious that they had seized their opportunity to expand on
their English understanding; culturally and linguistically, and it is now up to
the trusty Eastbournian contingent to do the same in the return leg!

À la prochaine!