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Project 150 update March 2016

The Project 150 site has been a hive of activity over the last week and it is great to see buildings starting to really take shape.

Classroom block and pavilion

On the pavilion structure, steel-fixing workers have been laying several tonnes of metal reinforcement to the first floor slab and balcony ready for a concrete pour early next week.

To the rear of the site the SILKA structural masonry inner skin of the building has been going up. This is a system used mainly in Belgium, Germany and Holland and comes to site as a set of cut pieces for each wall which are glued together with a thin 2mm adhesive. Two specialist operators and their small blue crane are aiming to get all of this up by the end of next week ready for the first floor concrete slabs after Easter.

Similar to the work happening on the pavilion, a concrete slab is being prepared on the link building. Other works include the perimeter below-ground brickwork and steelwork columns which will form the atrium.

Sports centre

A drilling rig and associated equipment will arrive at the College on Thursday 17 March. This will be used to drill 200 6m deep well points to draw the level of the water table down to a position where excavation can continue.