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Pupils visit Germany

Fifteen pupils from Years 10 and 11 travelled to Germany during the October half-term break to visit Munich, Nuremberg and Berlin.

The group managed to fit an enormous amount into just four days away. 

 Day 1 – Munich

The group visited the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau (including the gas chambers) and Mucich city centre, walking the route of Hitler’s “Beer Hall” putsch of 1923 and the building where Hitler and Chamberlain signed the Munich Agreement in 1938.

They enjoyed a typical German supper of sausage and potato with an oom-pah band in a traditional Munich Bierkeller. The day had started at 3.00am in the UK so everyone was ready for bed soon after dinner.

Day 2 – Nuremberg

On the second day the group toured the the Nazi Party rally grounds where they learned about how the Nazis gained power and maintained it, as well as about “shock and awe” in rallies and architecture. They visited the excellent museum and well-preserved buildings.

During the evening they travelled to Berlin, arriving in time to enjoy a night-time viewing of the East Side Gallery – a remaining section of the Berlin Wall given over to graffiti artwork.

Day 3 – Berlin

Everyone had a superb day touring the city of Berlin on bicycles. This included stops at Bebelplatz (where the Nazis burned the books), Checkpoint Charlie, further sections of the Wall, guard-towers, the site of the bunker where Hitler shot himself, the Holocaust memorial, the Brandenburg Gate and Alexanderplatz.

From here they took public transport to the Olympic Stadium to consider the 1936 Olympics (and the 2006 World Cup final!). After supper, they visited the Reichstag and were treated to stunning views of Berlin from the top of the Sir Norman Foster-designed dome.

Day 4 – Berlin

On the final day the group visited the DDR museum – sitting in Trabbies, watching East German television (including Klaus von Schnitzler) and trying on East German clothes. Their final visit was to the Stasi Prison at Hohenhausen.

This trip was a tremendous success for all who took part. Everyone gained a deeper understanding of the culture and history of Germany while also having great fun.