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Race for Life

On Sunday 8 June, Year 11 pupil Annabel Hudson took a break from her GCSE exams to join over 3000 other women and girls staking part in the Cancer Research UK ‘Race for Life’ event in Tunbridge Wells. She was accompanied by her mother, Fran and her sister, Lucy.

Like so many other families, the Hudsons had a very personal reason for taking part in this national event. About a year ago Annabel’s mother disovered a malignant melanoma on her arm. It was found to be a very aggressive form of cancer but luckily was removed quickly and Fran is now enjoying full health again. Sadly not every family is quite so fortunate.

Annabel was determined to participate in the race despite suffering with a persistent hip condition that prevents her from running. On the day Lucy jogged the 5km course in 30 minutes, Fran jogged it in 33 minutes and Annabel walked it in 48 minutes. Her father Steve was waiting in the cold and the rain to cheer his wife and daughters to the finish.

After collecting their medals, the Hudson family made a quick exit from the post-race celebrations as Annabel needed to return to school to fit in some last-minute revision for two important exams the next day.

Annabel, Fran and Lucy have so far raised over £350 for Cancer Research UK but would be delighted to receive further sponsorship support. Their ‘Just Giving’ charity link is: