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Remembrance 2015

After a week of rain squalls, Sunday 8 November dawned overcast but calmer as 330 cadets of the College’s CCF Contingent readied themselves for the Remembrance Day Chapel service and annual parade.

Thirty cadets under the leadership of Lt John Hayward marched as part of the Eastbourne town parade and the remaining members of the Contingent assembled in the College Chapel for the service.

Contingent Commander Colonel Lamb addressed the congregation and reminded everyone that whilst it is easy to quickly become jaded by a constant fly-past of anniversaries, it is important that sight is never lost of the true effects of war on people, something that time tends to diminish in the nation's understanding.

Following the service, cadets, officers, family and friends gathered on College Field for a short Act of Remembrance. 

The morning drew to a close with a breakfast attended by CCF officers, their families and guests from the local regional cadet units with whom the College has been developing closer ties.