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Simon Green Cup Dec 2016

The Michaelmas term 2016 Simon Green Cup has been awarded to Tom Wane, Year 13 Gonville, 

Here is the award citation from the presentation which took place at the Headmaster’s end-of-term assembly:

“The recipient of this term’s Simon Green Cup is a relative newcomer to the College, making his debut with his team in pre-season training in August 2015 – even then he arrived half an hour early and used this time to warm up properly.  Ever since this first session this pupil has been that student athlete, always finding time around his studies to live a sports person’s life.

He is always focused on making himself better at every opportunity whether it be on the training pitch honing his technique, in the fitness suite in preparation for his sport, in the dining hall refuelling himself appropriately or watching the professionals on television and picking up small tips that make a big difference to those who understand the game he plays.
So committed is this year’s winner to bettering himself, that he travelled to New Zealand in the summer holidays to spend three weeks training and playing in what is without question the best rugby environment in the world and unsurprisingly he came back a better player for it.
This pupil is an excellent rugby player, but he wins this award because he epitomises what the word endeavour means. His goal is to be the best rugby player he can, and ultimately he wants it to be his profession. Whether he gets there or not is yet to be seen; however what we can say is that he will leave no stone unturned in his quest for that goal. How many of us can truly say that we do that in our own personal sporting quests. Regardless of ability he sets the standard for us all to follow and it is with great pleasure that I ask Tom Wane to come forward to be this term’s winner of the Simon Green Award.”