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Simon Green Cup 2017

The Simon Green Cup is awarded each term for endeavour in sport though consistent commitment, effort and perseverance. For the Lent term 2017 two deserving pupils, Tom Alston and Jessica Lamb, shared the award.  

The citation from the award presentation was as follows:
Tom holds the junior school breaststroke 50m and 100m record and the senior 50m and 100m record. He has broken the senior 50m at least 6 times in the last two years thanks to his ongoing commitment and dedication to improve. He also broke the Senior 100m record – the first time since 1972. As swim captain he has led from the front, not missing a training session in five years – all on top of his other sport commitments. Tom has swum in the Bath Cup team for 3 years and is considered one of the best boys the swimming staff have ever worked with.
Jess has led the 1st netball team with maturity and expertise. Her commitment to School netball, training sessions, club matches and regional commitments throughout this term and last term has been of the highest calibre. The players around her have aimed to emulate her playing tactics and on many occasions this term we would not have gained the success we achieved without her. Coming 4th or 6th at SISNA was solely down to Jess as it was decided by goal difference on the day and her performance and scoring so many goals was the difference. She has dedicated time to her own athletic development to enable her make the huge impact she has made in the overall performance of the 1st team this term.