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SRP Conference

For the past three years the Society for Radiological Protection (SRP) has held an event for local secondary schools alongside its Annual Conference.  This is an integral part of the Society’s outreach programme – a key goal within the Society’s strategic plan. With a mixture of entertaining and interactive exhibits on radiation, plus a keynote lecture, the event is designed to inspire young people to study science at higher levels at school and university by giving them a flavour of a career in radiation protection.

On Monday 18 May, three Eastbourne College Year 10 physics sets visited the Conference to  listen to the keynote lecture and and try out the many interactive exhibits. They had opportunities to kit themselves in radiological protection suits, use robotics and to talk with a range of experts in the field of radiological protection services, including representatives from  companies such as British Nuclear Fuels.

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and one pupil announced that she had found he career she had been looking for!