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Team Building day 2019

eastbourne college team building day 2019 tree

On Friday, our Lower Sixth pupils had a day off-timetable to focus on their team building skills. They spent the day together completing various challenges, time-based tasks and presentations based around the theme Making A Difference. The pupils were asked to think about their individual strengths, to look at how they might challenge themselves and to assess what they bring to a team to make it more cohesive.

Over the course of the day, the pupils learned that it all begins and ends in their minds. What you set out to do for yourself and for others can have long term  benefits for you and them. The aim of the exercise was for pupils to find out how they get the best from themselves and how they navigate through challenges that might seem too tricky to handle, or too great to conquer. They also discussed how they can make a positive impact on the school for future year groups to benefit from.

At the end of the day, the pupils chose a symbol that represented the group aim. This year the pupils chose a tree, which represents union, strength and preparing to go their own way in the future.


eastbourne college team building day 2019