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The big OFF

The big OFF was an initiative pioneered by EC3 (Eastbourne College Energy Conservation and Environment Committee) and was an opportunity for houses to compete for some cash by being vigilant about turning things off when they were not being used. This included lights, appliances on standby and computers when vacant.

Each house had an electricity meter reading taken on the 4 February and another taken on 16 February. An average daily consumption was calculated and measured against sample data already held for each house. The house with the biggest reduction in energy consumption was deemed the winner. 

Most houses reduced their energy consumption markedly, but Reeves House did particularly well, finishing in first place and winning a cash prize of £200 (equal to the money saved by the College during the event).

The photograph here shows Reeves housemaster, Ian Sands, receiving the the newly acquired Bugler Trophy for Conservation Champions from former Facilities Bursar, Richard Bugler.

Sustainably managing our dwindling global resources is probably our greatest future challenge so this was an opportunity for pupils to see how a small concerted team effort could make a difference.