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Training for Africa 4

On Saturday 15 September the team of girls who will depart for South Africa in mid-October travelled to Ashburnham woods to participate in team- building and skill development activities.

On arrival at their campsite the team put up their tents, gathered wood for the fire and divided into groups to cook the evening meal. This was followed by a series of team building games.

Next morning the girls woke early to complete a walk through nearby fields before taking part in a teaching workshop to help them prepare the lessons they will teach while in South Africa.

The afternoon was devoted to a building skills workshop. Fred, from the Eastbourne College Maintenance Department, kindly went along to teach the girls some woodwork skills and to help them build a temporary ladder and simple swing structure.

Everyone enjoyed the weekend and now feel much better prepared for their Africa 4 challenge. In addition to teaching lessons in a South African village school, the team from the College will also be building a jungle gym and fencing off a vegetable garden.