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Up on the Roof

In the final week of term, the College was treated to stunning performances of Up on the Roof.  A local resident kindly reviewed the production:

“I have to confess that this musical is not to my usual taste; I believe that good popular music came to an end when Elvis Presley thrust himself unsuspectingly on to the world. I relish the days when the writers of popular music were professionally trained ie Berlin, Porter, Kern, Rodgers et al. However, this show, which dates from the late 80s, does not eschew melody and bounce, though it does have a very simple storyline regarding six students who form an a cappella group at university, then meet up every five years later to compare their progress in the great big world. This they do with varying results, and most of the dreams of their youth are shattered; however, they still have each other.

The show was directed by the Director of Drama with his usual flair and the backing instrumentals were of the highest order under the baton of new Director of Music, Dan Jordan. The lighting was very effective and the projections most appropriate and well imagined. The ever reliable Fergus Piper led the cast with his usual sprightly performance and there was a wonderful northern characterisation from James Tomlinson as Tim. Megan Good capitalised on her surname and there was a hilariously funny cameo by George Tomsett as Diana, mother to Bryony (Megan Good’s character). Look out, local drag queens, you’ve got a rival in view.

The youngsters’ chorus, some from the My Theatre Academy, were enchanting; singing and gyrating with the aplomb of adults.

The entire company are to be congratulated for their various talents, in particular the six leads whose harmonics and movements were superb. The town should be grateful that we have access to various cultural activities at Eastbourne College.”