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Walking the Line

Year 9 and 10 Bronze Arts Award and photography activity pupils have recently completed an installation for the Towner 2016 Schools Art Exhibition. This is on display at the Eastbourne gallery until 5 June.

The Towner Annual Schools Exhibition is one of the largest professional exhibitions of school-age artists work held in the UK. The project draws on the gallery's art collection to explore how one artist may see and depict the same subject or theme in a very different way to another.

This year's theme is 'Walking the Line' which may be interpreted in many different ways: from drawing and mark-making as a fundamental expression: lines as boundaries with the ability to invite and exclude: to walking through, around and beyond.

The Eastbourne College installation is entitled 'I can see the sea' and uses digital photography, Adobe Photoshop, charcoal, fine liner and frottage. The pupils were inspired by breakwaters on the beach and the pier, referencing the work of Eric Ravillious and David Nash through drawings and frottage.