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Year 11 French Competition

The French Department launched its inaugural Vocabulary Test Competition for Year 11 pupils just after the mock exams in January. The competition ran for ten weeks and the participants were tested on words and expressions covering all topic areas of their IGCSE course.

The three top scorers were Ben Kremer, Freya Gordon and Annika Niezold who scored 230, 228 and 213 respectively. A pretty impressive performance as the maximum possible points was 250. Well done to them and all other participants. 

Here are the full results:

OR – Ben Kremer 230
ARGENT – Freya Gordon 228

BRONZE – Annika Niezold 213

Top scorers in each set
Set 1 – Ben Kremer, Freya Gordon
Set 2 – Annika Niezold, Honey Curtis
Set 3 – Annika Siefke, Emma Gasser
Set 4 – Joe Parish, Olly Lowe & Bertrand Siu
Set 5 – Barney Furlong